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Window Tinting for Commercial Businesses in Boise, ID

Are you looking for an upgrade to your business that won’t break the bank? Consider commercial window tinting from Garage Slick.

At Garage Slick, we apply our experience and expertise in window tinting to give your business the upgrade it deserves. From exterior glass tinting that helps with everything from reducing harmful UV ray exposure to stopping a potential intruder in their tracks to interior glass application, conference room doors, and glass dividers, Garage Slick is the superior choice for commercial window tinting.

Benefits of Applying XPEL Window Tint To Your Office:

  • Reduce glare
  • Increase privacy
  • Reduce energy cost
  • Lower your utility bills
  • Increase heat rejection
  • Increase infrared rejection
  • Add attractive, decorative touches

…and much, much more


Solar Window Film

Keep spaces cooler, more comfortable to work in, and more energy efficient.

Decorative Window Film

Update your commercial space by installing any one of a variety of decorative window film options.

Safety & Security Film

Security is vital for a commercial space. Safety & security film is available in three different thicknesses to protect businesses and offices from break-ins.

Explore the Types of Commercial Window Film

We install XPEL window film products for their durability and superior performance. These are the various commercial window film types we install:

Types of Film

  • Solar Window Film – tinting for exterior windows. Helps make commercial spaces cooler, more energy-efficient, and more comfortable.
  • Decorative Window Film (various colors/styles) – window film for meeting room doors, glass rooms dividers, can also be used in external window applications. White Frost, Blackout window film and others increase security and privacy indoors and out.
  • Safety & Security Film (various thicknesses) – window film to enhance safety & security. Prevents intruders from breaking in through glass surfaces, and stops unauthorized entry.

Garage Slick Is Your One-Stop Shop for Commercial Window Tint

At Garage Slick, we are committed to providing top-of-the-line professional window tinting services. Our experienced team of technicians are dedicated to ensuring that each job is completed to the highest standards, while maintaining a cost-effective approach. We utilize the highest quality materials and cutting-edge technology to provide our customers with the best possible results.

With decades of experience in the commercial window tinting industry, we strive to exceed expectations and deliver exceptional service every time. Contact us today to find out how Garage Slick can help you with your commercial window tinting needs.

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