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I have been trained and fully certified by 3M in paint protection film (PPF) installation and offer their top of the line PPF, Scotchgard Pro Series. I also offer the top of the line SunTek Ultra paint protection film. Both films are backed by a 10-year warranty against yellowing, cracking, bubbling, and other material or manufacture defects. The 3M Pro Series is even transferable upon selling your vehicle, see warranty card for full details. 3M also offers an optional warranty that covers your vehicle’s paint under the film. Ask me for details.

Paint protection film is a great way to protect painted or vinyl wrapped surfaces from rock chips, road debris, and even vandalism. PPF is self-healing and hides small scratches like the scratches from towels used to dry your car. Those same small scratches will heal themselves when heat is applied, including sitting out in the sun on a warm day! 3M Pro Series and SunTek Ultra are both available in gloss or matte finishes. Also, ask about designer PPFs (colored, carbon fiber, glitter, etc) if you’d like to add even more flair to your vehicle!

At Garage Slick, I use a combination of plotter cut and hand cut PPF, allowing me to optimize the fitment of your paint protection film, giving you the best coverage and the least intrusive end result. I wrap edges whenever possible so that your PPF offers maximum protection and minimal visual impact. I offer all PPF services on cars, trucks, motorcycles, and recreational vehicles, from small jobs like single panels to full vehicle protection. I also repair and replace PPF. Maybe your fender was hit and you just need to match one fender to the existing kit after it has been repainted? PPF is also great for custom projects, so if you have a painted surface you want to protect, Garage Slick is the right place for the job.

Ask me about all your PPF needs or stop by for a sample or to see a piece of 3M Scotchgard Pro Series PPF or SunTek Ultra PPF in action!

Common Paint Protection Film Coverages

Partial Front Protection

The partial front kit covers the front part of the hood, front part of the fenders, the grill and front bumper, mirrors (if painted), and door cups and door edges where applicable.

Full Frontal Protection

The full frontal kit covers the entire hood, full fenders, grill and front bumper, mirrors (if painted), and door cups and door edges where applicable.

Full Vehicle Protection

Covers all painted surfaces on the vehicle.


Modern headlights are very expensive. PPF coverage offers great protection from rock chips and debris without affecting light output.

A-pillars and Roof cap

This kit covers the a-pillars and front portion of the roof.

Rocker panels

Covers the lower portion of the sides of the vehicle. Especially useful on trucks to prevent tire spray from damaging the sides of the vehicle.

Rear bumper ledge

Covers the top portion of the rear bumper to prevent damage while loading and unloading the trunk or cargo area.


Any smooth painted surface can be covered in PPF, and any of these kits can be broken down into sections or individual panel coverage.

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