Home Window Tinting

Professional Window Tinting for Your Boise Home

Whether you’re looking to reduce energy costs, increase privacy, or simply improve the appearance of your home, our residential window tinting services will provide the results you’re looking for.

We use only top-of-the-line tinting products and our team of highly skilled specialists will ensure a perfect installation every time. With residential window tinting services from Garage Slick, you can rest assured your windows will look and perform their best for years to come.

Benefits of Applying XPEL Window Tint To Your Home:

  • Reduce hotspots in your home
  • Control interior temperatures more effectively
  • Protect against UV rays
  • Add style with decorative options
  • Increase safety & security
  • Increase privacy

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Residential Window Film Options

Our expert technicians strive to provide you with the best look and feel for your home, exacting perfect applications, and giving you a look and feel that you’ll love. We go over every square inch in detail to ensure the tinting we apply is perfect. With the help of the extraordinary products from our friends at XPEL, we’ll execute the perfect plan of action for exterior and interior windows, doorways, dividers, and more.

We offer the following options for home window tinting:

Solar Window Film

For external windows: keep spaces cooler, more comfortable to live in and enjoy, and keep the energy bills down!

Decorative Window Film

Update your residential space by installing any one of our variety of XPEL’s decorative window film options.

Safety & Security Film

Security is vital for a residential area. Safety & security film is available in three different thicknesses to protect homes and other residences from break-ins.